1. I am looking forward to ___________ you.
A. seeing B. see C. to see D. saw
2. I arranged__________ them here.
A. to meet B. meeting C. met D. meet
3. He urged us __________ faster.
A. working B. work C. to work D. worked
4. I wish___________ the manager.
A. see B. seeing C. saw D. to see
5. It’s no use ____________
A. wait B. waiting C. to wait D. waited
6. He warned her ____________ the wire.
A. not touching B. not touch C. not to touch D. to not touch
7. Don’t forget ___________ the door before ____________ to bed.
A. to lock/ going B. locking/ going C. to lock/ to go D. lock/ going
8. My mother told me _____________ to anyone about it.
A. not speaking B. not speak C. to not speak D. not to speak
9. He tried _________ but she refused ____________
A. to explain/ listen B. to explain/ to listen C. explain / listen D. explaining/ listening
10. Would you mind __________ me how __________ the lift?
A. to show/ to work B. show/ work C. showing/ to work D. showing/ working
11. I couldn’t help ____________ what you said.
A. overhear B. overhearing C. overheared D. to overhear
12. Please go on ___________.I can wait.
A. write B. to write C. wrote D. writing
13. His doctor advised him __________ jogging.
A. to give up B. give up C. giving up D. gave up
14. Do stop ___________. I am doing my homework.
A. talk B. talking C. to talk D. talked
15. Mrs. Jones: I don’t allow my family __________ at all.
A. smoking B. to smoke C. smoked D. smoke
16. I am beginning ____________ what you mean.
A. to understand B. understand C. understanding D. A & C
17. After walking for three hours, we stopped to let the others ____________ with us.
A. to catch B. catching C. catch D. A & B
18. Your windows need __________. Would you like me to do them for you?
A. to be cleaned B. to clean C. cleaning D. A & C
19. It is interesting ___________ a good film.
A. to watch B. watching C. watch D. watched
20. My mother made me ___________ at home at night.
A. staying B. to stay C. stayed D. stay
21. The librarian asked us __________ so much noise.
      A. don’t make   B. not make C. not making D. not to make
22. I told you ___________ the computer, didn’t it?
       A. to switch off                   B. don’t switch off               C. not switch off D. switch off
23. He advised them ___________ in the class
    A. to not talk B. not to talk  C. to talk not D. don’t talk
24. Judy suggested _____________ for a walk but no one else wanted to.
      A. to go B. go  C. going D. went
25. Tom refused _________ me any money
      A. to give B. give   C. gave D. giving
26. Jill has decided not ____________a car
      A. to buy               B. buy    C. buying D. will buy
27. There was a lot of traffic but we managed___________to the airport in time.
       A. to get B. getting C.not to get D. got
28. Ann offered___________after our children while we were out
       A. look B. to look C. looking D. look to
   29. Would you like___________ to the D&J coffee
      A. to go B.going C. went D. goes
  30.Why hasn’t Sue arrived yet? She promised not ____________late
      A. come B. to come C. coming D. came
  31. She promised __________ back again
      A. not to come B. is coming B. coming D. came
32. The teacher encouraged___________ the football team
      A. to join B. joining C. joined D. join to
33. He reminded me ___________ to give the book back to John
    A. not forget B. not to forget C. forgot D. forgeting.
34. My father has given up ____________.
A. smoke B. smoked C. smoking D. to smoked
35.”All right, I’ll wait for you” She agreed ___________ for me
      A. to wait B. not to wait C. waiting D. wait to
 36. I don’t enjoy ___________ letters.
    A. writing B. to write C. have be written D. wrote
37. I consider ______________ the job but in the end I decided against doing it.
    A. to take B. taking C. to be take D. took
38. The boy insisted on ______________ a break after lunch.
      A. having B. to have C.not to have D. have
39. The woman looked forward to __________ his mother again.
    A. meet B. to meet  C. meeting D. met
40. The boy accused his friend of___________ stolen his bicycle.
      A. have B. to have C.not to have D. having
41. Her mother prevented her from ___________ mobile phone.
      A. use B. to use  C. using D. not to use
42. He thanked her for __________ him some money.
    A. lend B. to lend C. lending D. not lend.
43. She refused ____________ back again
    A. not to come B. is coming B. coming D. to come
44. Her mother prevented her from ____________ out alone at night.
A. go B.going C. to go D. not to go
45. His brother agreed ____________ a car
A. to buy B. buy C. buying D. will buy
46. Most of my friends enjoy ______________ football on television.
A. watch B. to watch                              C. watching D. watched
47. Anne would rather ___________ than anything else.
A. study B. studying                             C. to study D. studied
48. Tracey is out of work. She hasn’t been able _____________ a job yet.
A. find B. to find                                 C. finding D. found
49. Tracey doesn’t want___________ her friends and family.
A. leave B. leaving                                C. left D. to leave
50. I am very tired of ______________ to her complaints day after day.
A. listen B. listening                              C. to listen D. listened

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